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ΚΥΡΙΑΚΑΚΗΣ Driving School

Being Greek (well half-Greek technically) has always been a part of my identity, and something that becomes very visible as soon as I have to say, or spell, my last name. This was not the easiest thing to live with as a child growing up in suburbia Long Island, where my school was filled with students of Irish or Italian backgrounds, but something that led me to identify with the "other", the different one, the unpronounceable one. While I didn't have the typical Greek-American upbringing- centered around the Greek church, speaking Greek at home and complete with traditional holidays and Name Day celebrations- I think that this visible difference had a huge impact on how I see the world and is what has helped me identify with others and have a true sense of compassion and understanding for different ways of being and doing things. 
The appreciation for the incredible beauty and magic found within different cultures, being able to switch from one language to another, fro…

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