First Impressions of Thessaloniki

A random decision made after looking at the map and seeing a Castle and the Trigono Tower on a map and here I am sitting outside in the sun (in a t-shirt!) drinking my first Greek beer after roaming uphill, through a beautiful historic area of the Old City. I am surrounded by “real” Greek people, families with small children running around playing, groups of friends, couples, all having incredibly animated discussions and enjoying the Saturday afternoon with views of olive trees and the old wall that once surrounded part of the city (and for what I don’t have a historical explanation yet).

For info: A priest just walked by in his long black robe with an ear piece. J

The “Greek Greens” (I had the English menu), feta cheese in olive oil and thyme, and falafel are heavenly and after just the first bite of feta memories of flavors and moments past come flooding back and I am reminded of the many family meals in Crete, with 20 people around the table and what seemed like a million different dishes to try. I am thrilled to think that this is just the beginning of my “Greek” experience! J

Incredibly present and grateful for each moment of this delicious meal in the sun…no complaints for this first Saturday afternoon!


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