Salted Butter

An interesting shopping experience at the local super market today that left me smiling and with a reminder of all the subtle cultural differences one notices when travelling...

After finding the butter section and carefully reading everything I could see in an attempt to find salted butter (and secretly hoping to find my favorite kind from France or something close at least!), I decided to ask a woman in the same aisle if there was any salted butter here. Very willing to help (maybe after hearing my Greek!), she immediately came over and began to examine all the different varieties. She seemed to have taken on the mission herself and even asked the employee behind the counter at the butcher shop if they had any. He said it would be there and while we continued our search, we were joined by another woman passing by who was sure there was something as well. She read all of the labels and after some time showed me one with .03% of some measurement of salt...but the package still said ανάλατο...and I wasn't convinced! I thanked both of them and planned to ask at the checkout. The woman wasn't too thrilled with the question and just pointed to the section where we were before...I guess I will have to wait until the next time I'm in France for what I consider to be "real" salted butter, complete with those "crystals" that crunch with each bite! :)
I finally found some at another place a couple days later! :) 


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