instead of going to see "no country for old men" (the previews were way too violent for me) i find myself sitting here in front of the computer. i know i should be working on at least one of the two papers i have to write but always seem to feel like i need some down time first...time to read emails, check my facebook page, chat on msn, and then ill be ready...just some warm up time first...i could ramble on about what i did upsetting the article in the NY Times was about some of the young soldiers who had been killed in the war...about my meeting with a man from an association in lille for people who are in France without "papers"...they work on the legal aspect of the situation and help explain/show people what needs to be done...then there was the "english lesson" with two of my adorable japanese children...hinata and yosuke who came running down to the end of the street with me...without coats on and yosuke still playing his video its time to work a bit...aide au développement, USAID au guatemala...


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